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Board of County Supervisors at the Museum's groundbreaking ceremony on Oct. 26

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“Ordinary” Americans are the foundation of the Americans in Wartime Museum. Theirs are the stories our Museum will tell – the stories of an entire nation answering the call to serve:

  • The “ordinary” citizen who becomes a hero in uniform;
  • The parent, spouse or child who sacrifices every day on the home front;
  • The veterans who survived their experience as prisoners of war or are still listed as missing in action;
  • The young Americans who have given their lives on behalf of our nation.

For the millions who served in the military, those who worked and waited at home, and those who have only experienced America’s wartime events in a textbook, our Museum will answer the questions:

  • Who were America’s citizen soldiers?
  • How have Americans answered the call to serve?
  • What have we gained from their courage, their commitment, their sacrifice?

Our site is on 70 exceptional acres in Prince William County, Virginia. The land, which is immediately adjacent to Interstate 95 at Dale City, will provide the perfect setting for the Americans in Wartime Museum. The location, only 23 miles from the nation’s capital, also provides easy access to other museums, shopping, restaurants and amenities.