Talk of the Town

This newest addition to our evolving Corridor of American Military History couldn’t have come about without some exceptional cooperation, and today we salute Prince William County, our Commonwealth, the Hylton family and George Mason University for their dedication and generosity.

Chuck Robb, former Governor of Virginia
Americans in Wartime Museum Board of Trustees

The announcement of the Americans in Wartime Museum in Prince William County is important not just for the Neabsco District that I represent, but for the County as a whole – and indeed all of the men and women who have served our great country over the years. There are more than 36,000 veterans who currently live in our County, and this museum will honor them, as well as those who continue to serve our country proudly. The purpose of this museum is to remember all the sacrifices that our nation has made on behalf of freedom and democracy. By remembering, we make sure our future generations understand the importance of guarding our hard-won freedoms, and we inspire them to never forget the sacrifices that were made on their behalf.

John D. Jenkins, LTC USA (Ret)
Neabsco District Supervisor, Prince William Board of County Supervisors


The museum’s vision for dynamic, interactive storytelling will appeal to all generations. The full-scale features of the Landscapes of War and the numerous hands-on exhibits will give our visitors a very realistic sense of the experience of those who served our country in uniform and on the home front. We will honor their service, sacrifice, dedication and loyalty to the United States – and to each other.

Allan Cors, Chairman
Americans in Wartime Museum Board of Trustees

George Mason University is delighted to have a formal partnership with the Americans in Wartime Museum, and we look forward to a close collaboration. Citizens of this state and country, including George Mason students, will benefit from their interaction with this important, unique cultural institution.

Alan G. Merten, President
George Mason University

The most important military installations in the world are located in Virginia.  Today, the Americans in Wartime Museum, Prince William County and the Commonwealth of Virginia are demonstrating their careful stewardship of military history, military families and military culture.

Pierce Homer, Americans in Wartime Museum Board of Trustees
Global Infrastructure Consultant

Gallagher & Associates is honored to be a part of the creative team responsible for developing the vision for the Americans in Wartime Museum. The dramatic perspectives of this unique museum will engage visitors in a new understanding of the context of war and the commitment of the men and women who have served to protect our democracy. Unlike any other museum in this country, visitors will be engaged in reality-based storytelling, utilizing actual operating military equipment set in full-scale outdoor and indoor environments that will immerse visitors into the Landscapes of War and conflicts through time. Educational programming and special events will bring visitors back again and again to continue their experiences in learning and understanding the impact of war on America and its dedicated military forces.

Patrick Gallagher, President, Gallagher and Associates

The Prince William County/Manassas Convention and Visitors Bureau welcomes the Americans in Wartime Museum to our community. This unique national museum will complement and expand our existing tourism product, with a proud focus on American history, patriotism and valor. We know that tourism stimulates economic growth and improves the quality of life in our community, so we are enthusiastic about the Americans in Wartime Museum’s ability to create tourism jobs, bring new visitors to our region and enhance our growing reputation as a destination for historic and heritage travel.

Stephen Nelson, Chairman
PWC/Manassas Convention and Visitors Bureau

The Americans in Wartime Museum will be unique and in a very important way. In one setting, visitors will see and interact with exhibits covering all of the U.S. wars of the 20th and 21st centuries, all of the military services, and the contributions of the “home front” to the success of America in wartime.

Earle Williams, Americans in Wartime Museum National Steering Committee
Former CEO, BDM International

The Americans in Wartime Museum will provide an extraordinary educational experience that is unrivaled in concept and reality. Here it will be possible to view, touch, and operate the vehicles of war employed by nations during the 20th and 21st centuries.

Lt. Gen. Richard G. Trefry, USA (Ret.)
Americans in Wartime Museum Board of Trustees
Vice President and Program Manager, Army Force Management School

We look forward with much anticipation to the opening of the Americans in Wartime Museum. It will be a worthy addition to Virginia’s incomparable historical attractions.

Alisa Bailey, President and CEO
Virginia Tourism Corporation

The Americans in Wartime Museum will be a very unique museum that will illustrate the individual sacrifice made by Americans during wartime, both on the battlefield and the home front.  It will be a national museum to honor all those who served

Elliott L. Burka, Americans in Wartime Museum Board of Trustees
Real Estate Developer and Military Historian

The Americans in Wartime Museum fills an important educational gap in the region and well beyond by emphasizing the contribution of the average soldier and the home front. This approach will enrich the education of our students and engage relevant scholars.

Jack R. Censer, Dean, College of Humanities and Social Sciences
George Mason University

As a former United States Marine, I am proud to see many good people come together to undertake such an honorable task that will last and build on through generations.  This museum will not only have displays, but interactive centers you can see and touch to get a real glimpse at history.  Not only honoring those who served, but also those who are now serving, this undertaking will be unlike any other military museum honoring all our heroes and their families who have sacrificed so much.  In today’s war on terror across the globe, I cannot think of a better way to show our pride and appreciation for these fine men, women and their families who have given so much to such a great country.

Kevin C. Rychlik, Americans in Wartime Museum National Steering Committee
President & CEO, American Helicopters, Inc

From the earliest days of this project, we were filled with huge reservoirs of hope, ambition, and purpose. It really did start with a small group wanting to tell a very big and important story. We dedicated ourselves to honoring our service members and their families, and to educating our citizens. What strides we have taken! Surely we have had angels on our side. I imagine those angels to be the voices of American servicemen and women and their families, urging us: “Tell our story.” I am gratified and humbled to be able to do just that.   This facility will be a must-go destination for all ages.

Susan Keating, Americans in Wartime Museum Board of Trustees
Author and Journalist, specializing in national security

We see the Americans in Wartime Museum as a favorite destination for school children with its interactive displays, oral histories of soldiers and civilians, outdoor landscapes of war, and hands-on exhibitions featuring tanks, armored cars and other vehicles actually used in our conflicts. Who says education has to be boring?

During four decades as a war correspondent, I accompanied our troops into battle from Vietnam to Iraq, and it is a privilege to be associated with the creation of a museum to tell their stories and honor their sacrifices and that of their families. We have an obligation to remember the service of millions of Americans who have protected our freedom and defended our country. This museum will honor that obligation.

Joseph L. Galloway, The Wartime Museum Board of Trustees
co-author of We Were Soldiers Once…and Young

From the very first I heard about this great project, I wanted to become involved. Allan Cors and the other founders of the Museum are dedicated visionaries who are doing the utmost to honor those who have served in our heroic wartime efforts – and their concept of honoring all those who served in all of the capacities required to fight these many battles our nation has been involved in is unique and truly worthy. The Americans in Wartime Museum is different because it will tell the stories of many who served in ways not previously appreciated—and it honors all who sacrificed on the front, on the farms, in the factories and at home.

Dun Scott, President and COO
Columbia Partners, L.L.C. Investment Management