Team Profile

Pierce Homer: Using His Expertise to Advance the Museum

Pierce Homer, Vice President of the Museum’s Board of Trustees, has been involved with the Americans in Wartime Museum since it was the seed of an idea discussed by a group of local veterans in the Prince William community. Through the entire process of creating the Museum–considering various sites, defining the mission, building a leadership team and undertaking a capital campaign—Pierce has been an integral part of the project.

“It began when I worked for Prince William County (as the Deputy County Executive),” he said. “We were really building a community at that time—from schools and roads to educational programs and culture. And, of course, part of Prince William County’s s culture is its military heritage. When a grassroots organization came along and proposed the idea of a new museum, we were on board.”

When Pierce left Prince William County for Richmond to serve as Virginia’s Deputy Secretary of Transportation, followed by two gubernatorial appointments as Secretary of Transportation, he continued to support the Museum project by serving on the Museum Board of Trustees and assisting with project logistics.  Today, as Director of Transportation for Moffatt & Nichol in Richmond, his commitment to the project continues.

“Pierce’s knowledge and expertise in transportation, land use and the public sector have been invaluable to the Museum,” said Board Chairman Allan Cors. “He has helped steer us in the right direction at key points along the way and kept us on track. We are extremely grateful for his persistence and dedication to the cause.”

Pierce also has a personal stake in the Museum’s mission to honor the men and women who have served our nation—in uniform and on the home front—from World War I to the present. His father was a World War II veteran who, like many in his generation, was reticent about sharing the story of his experience on the front lines. Pierce’s mother was also an important part of the American war effort, deferring college while she went to work at a Timex factory, assembling items that were used for the troops.

“I’ve learned a lot about our military heritage while working with the Museum,” Pierce added. “I have seen how it shapes the heritage of our community and our country. It’s endlessly fascinating.”