The United States is home to nearly 24 million veterans who have served their country with courage and distinction.  The Commonwealth of Virginia is home to 814,000 veterans, and nearly one in seven residents of Prince William County—the site of our Americans in Wartime Museum—is a veteran.

Career Soldiers, Marines, Sailors, Airmen, Coast Guardsmen, volunteers, draftees, Guardsmen and Reservists. All served. All sacrificed. All contributed to the unique American story. The Americans in Wartime Museum will be a voice for these veterans, conveying their extraordinary stories and illustrating their contributions to the nation’s character.

The POW/MIA experience will also be an important element of the Americans in Wartime Museum. From those who survived harsh, unimaginable conditions as a prisoner of war, to those whose status remains unknown, to the loved ones left at home to worry and wonder, the Museum will tell this poignant story of sacrifice for America.

From the National Veterans Visitor Center and the Veterans Recording Studio in our main building to the outdoor Landscapes of War, the heart of the Museum will be the story of individual American veterans and those who supported them at home.