Voices of Freedom Project 2015 Recap


2015 Dale City 4th of July Parade

The end of 2015 marks the completion of the 5th year for the Voices of Freedom Project and the first full year of the deployment of the Mobile Recording Studio, affectionally referred to as “The RV.”  The RV has allowed the VOFP to travel outside the Washington DC metro area to capture stories of services members and to spread the word about the museum.  In every sense, 2015 was a great success.

The VOFP conducted 102 interviews, 41 of which were of World War II veterans.  Some of the notable interviews included that of Tuskegee Airman Charles McGee, Philip Adair, a flight leader with the famed Burma Banshees and John Diacsuk who flew one of eight helicopters during Operation Eagle Claw.  In addition to interviews in Virginia, staff traveled to Maryland and Pennsylvania to conduct interviews and fly the flag for the museum. The response has been overwhelmingly positive.  In addition to interviews, The RV participated in parades in Dale City and Manassas as well as other veterans events in the area.

Staff completed several “housekeeping” items designed to improve the look and functionality of The RV.  Improvement were made to the pre and post production of the veteran interviews resulting in a better and more consistent look and sound to the videos.  The VOFP now has a webpage with several of the interviews posted with more to come.  The interior of The RV was modified to include the addition of military memorabilia and the creation of a replica of a mobile radio station.  The radio station pays tribute to the 5th Army Mobile American Expeditionary Radio Station deployed during World War II which broadcast radio programming to Allied troops fighting in Italy.

Lastly, 32 veteran interviews were delivered to Bob Patrick, the Director of the Library of Congress Veterans History Project to be preserved there.  This marks the second batch of interviews delivered to the Library of Congress to date.


Staff with Bob Patrick, Director of the Library of Congress Veterans History Project

Several trips are  scheduled for 2016 to include the World War II Weekend in Reading, PA and Warbirds Over the Beach in Virginia Beach, VA.  Continued improvements are planned for the VOFP in the coming year to included an all new revamped website that will include individual veteran pages to feature the veterans interview and a short bio about their service.

If you are or you have a family member who is interested in being interviewed, please contact us to schedule a time.  The Voices of Freedom Project staff looks forward to another exciting and successful year capturing the stories of service and sacrifice of or military veterans.  Hope to see you out there.


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