National Veterans Visitor Center

As part of our mission to honor the millions of American veterans, the Museum will feature the National Veterans Visitor Center. This special space will offer services and activities for veterans and their families. Individual veterans and veterans’ organizations will gather here to share experiences, host special events and enjoy tours of the Museum.

The Museum will also provide an exceptional venue for military reunions where veterans can reconnect and reminisce with their colleagues. The Museum’s unique activities as well as its proximity to the nation’s capital and other military-themed museums along the “Corridor of Military History,” the Americans in Wartime Museum serves as a popular destination for military reunions.

Recording Studio

The National Veterans Visitors Center will also feature a professional Recording Studio to document and preserve personal stories of wartime experience—both in uniform and the home front. The Museum has already begun recording these wartime oral histories and sharing them with the Library of Congress’ Veterans History Project.

Contact us if you are interested in sharing your story.