Open House 2018

Recap of a past  Open House

2018 Open House
September 22
“Tank Farm” in Nokesville, VA
Family-friendly activities.
Food trucks on site.

The 2018 Open House was our best one ever!  We had many features and events planned that included a demonstration by the United States Marine Corps Historical Society, combat historian and author Patrick O’Donnell  delivered the keynote speech on Saturday about WWI, a flamethrower demonstration.s, WWI to Modern Living history units, USMC displays, Semper K9 demos, veteran interviews were conducted on site by the Voices of Freedom Project and much more.  And of course we had tons of tanks (pun intended) and armored vehicles.  

Combat historian, bestselling author, and public speaker Patrick K. O’Donnell has written eleven critically acclaimed books that recount the epic stories of America’s wars from the Revolution to Iraq. He is a premier expert on elite and special operations units and irregular warfare. O’Donnell’s books are described as “nonfiction that reads like fiction.”

Semper K9 rescues dogs from shelters and trains them to be service dogs at no cost for disabled service members. “I wanted to take my skills the Marine Corps taught me and my post-deployment challenges to assist other veterans to overcome their own difficulties,” Baity said. He and his wife, Amanda, founded Semper K9 in 2014 and went right to work. After researching other organizations that had similar missions, they identified weakness in other groups and strengths from industry leaders to create what currently has a one hundred percent success rate with their services.

The Voices of Freedom provides veterans of wartime and those serving on the home front an opportunity to record and preserve their stories.  Stories are captured on video and a copy provided to the veteran.  Additionally, a copy is provided to the veteran for inclusion into the Library of Congress Veterans History Project and a copy is retained with the museum.

You can register for the Open House here.

Click here for directions to the “Tank Farm.”

Photos from past Open Houses. Photo Credit: Don Flory

  • tank
  • Beware
  • talking at table
  • Tank-redflag
  • shoe
  • scope
  • In feild together
  • questioning
  • shoes
  • kid with horse
  • Fire truck
  • ambulance
  • Tank C62
  • team sitting on tank
  • Woman in field
  • talking in jeep
  • Tanker
  • Truck 4130384-s
  • On horse in field
  • boil water
  • table of items
  • against bus
  • looking over supplies
  • leaning against tank
  • light brown tank
  • lady in truck
  • kid in helmet
  • Tank _wartime
  • Tank-c9
  • Helicopter
  • Jeep 2
  • standing guard
  • on look out in jeep
  • talking about gun
  • show dog
  • team together on tank
  • Holding helmet
  • Man in hat

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